YouTube Video Size / Dimension

YouTube Video Sizes

When making videos for YouTube, the size should at 16:9 aspect ratio. Here’s a list of video sizes for YouTube videos. 640×360 854×480 960×540 1024×576 1280×720 (720 HD) 1366×768 1600×900 1920×1080 (1080 HD) 2048×1152 2560×1440 3840×2160 4096×2304.

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Conundrum List


A great friend of mine sent me this conundrum list… The definition of the word Conundrum: Here are six Conundrums of socialist mindsets in the United States of America: 1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of ...

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What You Hate About WordPress Themes


Are you tired of buying WordPress themes that look great until, only after you’ve purchased it, you realize all the cool features you wanted are either too limited in scope, too difficult to recreate, or require additional plugins that ...

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Website Traffic is Overrated

Use higher quality content to increase website traffic.

Traffic can be the most important aspect of your website, but today your focus must be on the quality of that traffic instead of volume as was the case in the past. There was a time when simply driving ...

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Facebook #Hashtags?

Facebook Hashtags

Have you heard of Facebook Hashtags yet? My friend Mike Johnson at WP Social has written a great article on this subject that I highly recommend reading. In the article, he not only describes the new Facebook hashtags, he ...

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